Data Center

Growing user demands require scalable infrastructure that is quickly deployed and data center solutions that are easy to manage.

Lay the Groundwork for Unrestricted Growth

Growing user demands require scalable infrastructure that is quickly deployed and data center solutions that are easy to manage. 

Your business’s success is directly linked to your ability to react quickly and meet the demands of internal stakeholders and end users. The “new normal” of high network availability, improved business applications, and IT services mean users’ expectations for rapid delivery are significant.

VSS helps companies improve their ability to respond to industry and user demand through optimized networking, server, and storage solutions. Let’s brainstorm on how we can optimize your data center environment.


Agile & Secure Network Infrastructure

One of the most dynamic challenges faced by IT leaders today is the demand for highly available access to corporate networks, data and applications for remote users and customers.

The ability to securely access new business tools can create operational hurdles for IT. Even after virtualization, teams feel the pressure to improve service levels across multiple networking environments for application owners. Our team works with tech industry powerhouses like IBM, Cisco and Lenovo to deploy cutting edge connectivity, network protection and support.

Storage & Data Management

The Storage Asset Management Struggle is Real but, it Doesn’t Have to be

“VSS has spent nearly three decades mastering complex data management design. Every storage project begins by assessing growth, identifying performance issues, and developing data management strategies.”

-Dave Corwin, Director, Business Solutions


Always Open, Even When the Lights are out

For most, bricks and mortar are only one part of what defines a business – operations are no longer bound by street addresses and open/close times. Whether you’re transacting globally, where it’s always worktime somewhere, or you’ve just been dealt a major blow by mother nature, reliable business continuity plans ensure access to the data and applications that are critical for daily operations and production.


Let our Storage & Data Architects assess your BC/DR processes and procedures to determine if your current storage growth level and trends are supported – before they’re put to the test. Contact us to schedule a conversation.

Servers & Converged Infrastructure

A clear path to transformation

When it comes to maintaining a robust infrastructure that is nimble enough to adapt quickly for change, IT’s major roadblocks to innovation are the unpredictable costs associated with planning, managing and scaling data center technology.

Our industry-recognized Data Center architects deliver proven design strategies and oversee their implementation through the entire project lifecycle.

IT’s influence is being felt across the business.

Is your team able to meet these requests?

Rapid Delivery of Business Applications

Spinning up new IT Services

Reducing Overall TCO

Server and converged infrastructure solutions designed by VSS address operational and budgetary challenges in meeting internal customers’ growing demand for dynamic application environments.

Consistent, expert-level support and improved asset utilization through virtualization let IT show value throughout the organization. Predictable budgeting drives down the total cost of ownership, while the elimination of infrastructure silos redirects resources towards results-driven IT projects.

End to End Data Center Solutions & Services

IT Architecture | Governance

Our data center experts work alongside advisory and implementation strategists to anticipate data center growth, increase the reliability and performance of your network and ensure the health of your data.

Data Center | Complex Program Management | Lifecycle Management

Infrastructure serves as the backbone of any modern organization, and with that responsibility comes a series of data center planning and implementation projects. Our Data Center team is dedicated to managing complex projects and providing visibility during every phase.

Remote Monitoring and Management | Virtual Storage | Maintenance: Portfolio Management and Services

Powerful data center technology lets IT explore untapped opportunities. Keep the momentum going with specialized monitoring and maintenance of new investments. Remote performance monitoring and management, scalable storage resources and IT portfolio maintenance let internal teams focus on business-driven goals.

Business Continuity | Disaster Recovery

Aligning a business continuity strategy with achievable recovery objectives lets businesses find peace of mind – even when preparing for the worst. The data center is critical to any solid BC/DR plan and reduces the impact of systems outages by ensuring data and network integrity in the face of disaster.

Operational Efficiency | Process Improvement | Migrations

Technicians in the field, branch offices and satellite stores need reliable access to inventories, customer records and transactional applications. VSS’ Data Center specialists work to carefully plan out fundamental productivity, networking and data storage strategies to support multi-channel users.