Virtual Storage

Business growth is good, as long as your systems can keep up. Position your infrastructure to support larger, more intense workloads and applications as your organization transforms.

Optimize your storage environment

VSS’s Virtual Storage Service offers a combination of industry-leading technologies which deliver a high performance, feature-rich data storage service at a low cost per terabyte.

Our experience allows us to offer storage appliances and services that are clearly defined, well-managed and designed to grow as your business transforms. 

Agile Storage

Your Data’s Performance & Availability


You’ve worked hard to build an enterprise agile enough to adjust to market demands. It’s time to align your data performance and support capabilities to the same model. VSS’s Service Level Agreements accommodate changing needs as businesses grow.

Easy Process From Quote Through Deployment

Managed Licensing, Updates, and Maintenance

24/7 Environment Monitoring and Alerting

Five 9s Availability

Client-Defined Escalation Protocols

Benefit from managed, enterprise-class technology coupled with a lower total cost of storage per terabyte and 24×7×365 monitoring of your capacity needs, whether on or off site.

Scalable for your Needs

Custom Virtual Storage Options


Through evaluating your storage environment, our team will assess capacity needs, identify redundant processes and create a consolidated storage strategy that delivers high performance and availability when your workloads demand it.

Let us help you determine what storage option would be best for your environment – Contact our Managed Services team.

Steer Clear of the Storage Crunch

Our Storage Services Delivery Team provides peace of mind by guaranteeing a stable environment that is always accessible, even during your data’s most demanding moments.

Inflated Cost per Terabyte of Storage

Misalignment of Budget

Slow Performance & Intermittent Availability

Rigid Service Level Agreements

We offer a simple cost structure with feature-rich enterprise technology and support. Established price per terabyte lessens the budgetary impact of expected or unexpected growth.

Service Details

Multiple capacity tiers allow us to create custom storage plans and adaptable, goal-focused service agreements for every customers’ unique set of requirement

Service Level Guideline Max. Response Time
5 Routine Maintenance Work scheduled within 24 Hours of Ticket Request
4 Request for System Updates 4 Hours
3 Non-critical Issue/User Issue 4 Hours
2 Partial System Failure 2 Hours
1 Critical Situation 2 Hours


With options for both on and off premises, we work alongside your on-site team and help you fully capitalize on existing investments. Serviceable operating systems include:

XIV | Linux | Microsoft | AS400