Scott Equipment Company offers a full suite of products for heavy-duty equipment including sales, rental, repairs, maintenance and financing. Headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana, their nearly 600 employees provide service from 23 locations throughout seven states.


The business of Scott Equipment is big machinery, yet their company has to be nimble.

Projects that require big machinery can come and go depending on the changing winds of local economies and political climates. Scott Equipment needed a platform that was flexible and fluid, big and stable enough to scale up quickly, but also nimble enough so that if they were looking to scale back there would not be a lot of waste.

Project Plan


VSS approaches every engagement with a thorough discovery and analysis session. This project began with an audit of Scott’s IT infrastructure and practices. After the audit, it was obvious that a VersaStack solution would give them the flexibility, speed and reliability they desired. VSS handled all the planning, migrating Scott’s virtual machines with a seamless cutover.

Services + Solutions


Scott moved their infrastructure solution to a location 500 miles away, yet the system responsiveness is faster than their old solution.


The newer, streamlined platform has fewer working parts, making it more reliable.


High performance systems running on a reliable platform let employees have access to the right information and tools when they need them, whether on site or in the field.


The software and hardware components are separate, making it easy to replace or add hardware.


Scott can now dynamically adjust and scale resources to the peaks and valleys of their business environment.


VersaStack's integrated nature requires less rack space and cabling, reducing data center footprint. Additional space allows for expansion, utilizing the platform to support other systems.


In choosing VersaStack, Scott Equipment has put itself in a stronger position to compete. VSS has succeeded in simplifying Scott’s infrastructure while adding to their capabilities.



Scott Equipment can now dynamically adjust and scale resources to meet peaks in demand, helping the company react faster to changes in the marketplace.

Why We Chose VSS?

“VSS handled all the planning—we simply told them when and where we needed it, and once in place, we migrated our virtual machines over in no time. We were able to achieve such a smooth cutover that none of our users even noticed it was happening!”

– Aaron Coody, Systems Administrator, Scott Equipment


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