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Collaboration Solutions
Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration is a process and a journey.

Placing collaboration solutions at the heart of your strategic vision can not only help increase productivity but enhance innovation and work-life balance for connected employees.

The way we work has changed.

When teams have the ability to work together inside, outside and across the organization, information is shared and ideas are created.

Collaboration tools empower agile workforces to connect beyond the conference room, easily sharing information through team messaging, online training and events. Sit back and watch productivity levels skyrocket.

Interested in deploying secure collaboration tools in your organization? Start with understanding user needs. You can learn more here.

Collaboration Solutions - VSS

  • Collaboration Solutions

    “Your desktop computer and documents are no longer the center of your universe. Our team builds solutions that enable the same interactions on multiple devices, removing restrictions and complexity. This allows you to focus on results rather than logistics.”


    Dave Corwin - VSS Collaboration Solutions Director

     Dave Corwin, Director, Business Solutions

    Empower collaboration and innovation, everywhere.

    Harvard Business Review surveyed business leaders worldwide about how collaboration is changing the connected digital experience within their organizations.


    At VSS, we design collaboration solutions around relationships between employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Our offerings focus on unified communications, video conferencing and collaboration endpoints.

    Take the first step in creating the right solution for your organization.

    Our Collaboration Portfolio
    • Unified Communications
      voice, video, data, and mobile applications

      Get industry-tested, unified communications delivered on-premises and in the cloud.

    • Conferencing
      high-quality, integrated voice, video, and content sharing

      Get scalable web and video conferencing, when and how you need it.

    • Collaboration Endpoints
      IP phones and video conferencing to web, mobile, and desktop clients

      Collaborate better with IP phones and video conferencing endpoints designed for every use case.

    • Training

      We’ll help you connect culture, process, and technology to bring the collaboration experience to life.

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