Consulting Services

Transform business at the intersection of operations and technology.

Uncover Operational Hurdles.

Projects that improve one aspect of a business inevitably touch every function of operations. Our advisory and implementation experts assess the technical and non-technical reach of process improvement; then design, plan, and deploy custom solutions that integrate with minimal disruption.

Our studied approach mitigates risk across organizations, letting VSS create technology-driven strategies for business continuity, IT architecture governance, supply chain efficiency, and simplified program management.


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Risk-Driven Continuity and Recovery Objectives

The key to solid business continuity in the face of disaster is achievable recovery time and point objectives. Optimize your business’s disaster recovery spending with the right solution for the appropriate risk level.


Resiliency for the Entire Business

 Drive down the cost and risk of an outage and provide visibility into your disaster readiness by aligning a BC/DR solution that precisely fits the needs of your business’s  goals and regulatory requirements.

Let VSS help you determine which advisory and implementation services best align with your organization’s BC/DR needs.

Existing BC/DR Review & Health Check

Readiness Assessment

BC/DR Testing & Risk Analysis

Solution Design & Implementation

Cloud & IT Architecture Governance

Agile Infrastructure Strategies Meet Business Objectives


A strategically-aligned and governed infrastructure lets businesses react quickly to user feedback. This translates to increasing internal adoption rates and customer satisfaction through reliable access to data, better application performance and new services.

Get in touch with VSS’s Cloud & IT Architecture advisors to implement a proactive infrastructure strategy that anticipates upgrades and lets you execute significant change in real time with little disruption.

Infrastructure & Cloud Architecture Review

Readiness Assessment

Testing & Risk Analysis

Solution Design & Implementation

Supply Chain & Warehouse Operations

Accelerate Supply Chain Implementation and Support

At the heart of any business’s distribution plan is the need for operational efficiency and overall warehouse throughput to meet inventory and productivity objectives. VSS helps clients identify opportunities for performance improvements to build new capabilities around shipping, automation and technology initiatives.

Partner with VSS’s advisory and implementation service teams to start streamlining the full scope of your multi-channel supply chain and warehouse operations.


Multi-Channel Operations

Warehouse Operations Review & Health Check

Readiness Assessment

Testing & Risk Analysis

Solution Design and Implementation

Warehouse Business & Disaster Recovery

Virtual Backup & Recovery Services

Maintenance: Portfolio Management & Services


Virtual & Collaboration

Improve Warehouse Operations Technology

Warehouse Technology Review & Refresh

Readiness Assessment

Risk Analysis & Testing

ERP/WMS Selection & Implementation

Complex Program Management

Project Management With Visible Oversight

When it comes to complex program management assessment and design, our service advisors focus on the key results that executives look for in purpose-driven initiatives: projects that are aligned with executive goals and focused on delivering positive business outcomes. Contact VSS’s Program Management experts to minimize strategic, operational and conversion risks throughout every stage of your project’s life cycle.

VSS offers complete services from building program focus, aligning support, readiness assessment and risk analysis, to solution architecture design, implementation and management. Our business process advisors use a proprietary approach to ensure all the key factors for success are in place where appropriate, while consistently providing full transparency and visibility on pace and progress.

Business Process & Health Check

Program Improvement Assessment

Program Architecture & Managment

Design & Implementation

Quality Assurance Services

How Does a Technology Solutions Provider Look Beyond IT to Solve Business Issues?

Attack Root Causes

The true cause of operational issues typically lies beyond technology.

VSS begins every advisory project with an organization-wide technical and operational discovery exercise, identifying non-standard or poorly-adopted processes and misaligned physical assets. Working closely with key stakeholders, our team then designs and implements a solution that delivers the best business results and mitigates risk.

Strategize for Causes

Even the most strategic business plans prove ineffective if they don’t support overall growth and profitability goals.

We work with technical and non-technical leadership to define core competencies that identify and prioritize initiatives.

The result is an organized growth plan that clearly translates strategic objectives to operations and IT. This creates an environment for continuous improvement and a demand-driven supply chain.

Provide Critical Visibility

Full transparency into every aspect of the project lifecycle.

With complete process maps and future state architectures in hand, our program managers have the expertise and resources to provide total visibility. This ensures all key factors for success are in place and running optimally throughout all phases of the project.