Cloud and IAAS

Answer the growing demand for secure, always available workloads and support for legacy applications. Unburden IT through simplified operations, properly structured resources and realigned budgets.

Rethink Traditional Infrastructure Management

Our power hosting service helps organizations get out of the IT run business and shift spend from managing physical assets to innovating environments. Make better use of your IT funds while maintaining your overall technology budget.

Find out how an IBM Power Hosting partner can help simplify operations and reduce the cost and risk of IT.



Dedicated Hosting

Virtual LPAR Hosting

Virtual Windows/Linux Servers

Remote Monitoring & Management

Disaster Recovery & High Availability

Service Highlights

Managed IBM Powers Systems and LPARs

Enhanced System Administration

Supported OS: Windows, Linux, Os400, Aix

Private and Hybrid Cloud Configurations

Add another layer of protection and visibility to your Power environment with VSS’ PowerRMM – 24x7x365 remote monitoring, management and administration.

Why Do Companies Choose VSS To Manage Their Power Systems?

Manage your talent, resources and budget.

Just when you’ve found IT talent with the right fit for your team, something comes along that redefines their role or they leave your organization. By relying on a skilled managed service partner, IT Directors can align internal resources without fear of creating skills-gap or underutilization.

Our Services Team is dedicated to staying on top of your hosted Power infrastructure with real-time response to operations level events and policy defined escalation issues. Based on industry best practices, our IBM Power hosting services offer the most flexible options for hosting and infrastructure support.

What does it take to stay ahead? Simple: the ability to meet demands.

To take advantage of new market opportunities, businesses must drive the change required to support those needs – before their competitors do. At the center of each of these is the demand for faster, always available access to programs, workloads and applications. Our Power hosting can extend the life of legacy workloads and applications, help you move to the cloud or develop cost effective paths for migrating to a new platform.

Our N+1 Data Center guarantees fully redundant power, cooling, data circuit delivery, excess capacity for 24-hour operations and technology refreshes every 3 years.

The foundation of your support services. No account number required.

With decades of Power Systems expertise, our Delivery Services team forms a peer-to-peer relationship with internal IT members, helping maximize the support of your applications and systems. Don’t worry about having to start every conversation with a rundown of your environment or providing your account number before hearing a warm “Hello.”

All VSS Power Hosting customers are assigned their own team of Client Technology Managers (CTMs). As part of the onboarding process, your CTM team learns everything about your internal IT team’s roles, business processes, challenges and the specifics of your environment.

With our SLAs, you’ll understand how issues and maintenance will be handled every step of the way, right out of the gate. Automated workflows ensure proper notification and escalation of critical service incidents. Service Response Times are determined by a combination of severity (who is affected by the issue) and impact (what is affected by the issue).

Issues are then classified as:

Priority 1 Emergency Response Response Time within 1 Hour
Priority 2 Quick Response Response Time within 1 Hour
Priority 3 Normal Response Response Time within 2 Hours
Priority 4 Scheduled Response Response Time within 8 Hours