Arm yourself against today’s unrelenting IT security threats.

The right attack plan can help you tackle sophisticated enterprise security issues to ensure customer confidence, maintain data integrity and follow regulatory compliance.

Prepare for today’s cyber security threats.

Staying ahead of a growing cybercrime culture, dealing with internal skill gaps and mitigating risk management are challenges that IT professionals are all too familiar with. VSS Security can help broaden your system of protection and counteract potential threats with risk-based security strategies. Proactive threat anticipation lets you prioritize security initiatives and allocate budgetary funds towards protective solutions for the entire enterprise.

Ready to take the first step in discovering gaps in your security infrastructure? Contact our Security team before your sensitive data is compromised.



“We often see attackers prey on companies that are struggling to prioritize client demands against security capabilities.”

– Dave Corwin, Director, Business Solutions

VSS can help define your business’ IT perimeter and defend its underlying systems from malicious attacks and inadvertent data privacy risk through proactive, repeated testing using the same tools and techniques that hackers use.

Tailored Cyber Security Solutions

Through an exclusive partnership, VSS can offer the highest level cyber security assessment and protection with Plex Solutions.

Plex is accredited by the National Security Agency as part of the inaugural class of elite Vulnerability Assessment Services (VAS) providers under the NSA’s National Security Cyber Assistance Program (NSCAP).

Perimeter Security Testing + Remediation Planning

Vulnerability Scanning

VSS and Plex Solutions begin perimeter security assessments by identifying systems security flaws through vulnerability scanning and utilize penetration testing to determine the strength of your company network and application security.

Penetration Testing

To test your company’s physical perimeter and the potential for inadvertent personnel risk, our team executes active red team test events to gauge staff response to malicious attacks like tailgating, phishing and fake wireless networks.

Regulatory Compliance

Assessing your current security standards against federal and commercial best practices and regulations using our Security Risk Assessment Framework not only gives us a benchmark of where you are now, but allows us to measure improvement moving forward.

Regulations/Compliance covered in our Framework include: HIPAA, PCI, SOX, NIST, 800-53, SANS 20, COBIT, and ISO.

Digital Forensics Incident Response

Based on our findings, VSS and Plex will create a custom, phased approach to address security flaws by:

  • Identifying risk factors and rapid incident triage protocol
  • Developing & Implementing remediation plan and advanced threat actor risk mitigation
  • Determining the best course of action to maintain improved ongoing operations


Global connectivity exposes your network to a world of cyber threats.

Weak network access points caused by unpatched devices, out-of-date operating system software or unregulated applications increase potential risk or loss of your information and sensitive customer data.

VSS network security solutions reduce the threat of stolen business information, identity fraud and violation of data privacy laws and regulations through proactive monitoring, advanced threat detection and automated remediation.


Scaling enterprise network security doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Intelligent Network Security Highlights


Intelligent network security solutions let you initiate log and vulnerability management, risk prioritization, incident detection and forensics and impact analysis tasks via a single user interface.

Providing near-time threat detection visibility and surveillance throughout the entire IT infrastructure lets security teams reduce and prioritize alerts to focus investigations on actionable list of suspected incidents.


The integrated nature of intelligent security systems supports easier, faster installations of tools and features for updating and patching – enabling more effective threat management while producing detailed data access and user activity reports to help manage compliance.



Stay in front of endpoint security attacks.


Sophisticated attackers adapt their malicious practices to exploit traditional security layers, including endpoint protection platforms that are programmed to detect singular incident or threat patterns. Additionally, lax security policies and unmonitored internal usage results in overburdened IT resources, unauthorized application installation, malware infections and potential data loss.


Structured and Unstructured Data

Malware and AV Protection

Web Access Points

Mobile and Remote Devices

Application Controls

Disk Encryption

VSS offers layered endpoint protection that supports multiple platforms and operating systems for critical monitoring, detection and visibility into advanced attacks as they happen.

Solutions For Today & Strategies for the Future

Comprehensive Assessments & Actionable Insight


Continuous monitoring of endpoints for potential threats allows for real-time patching and enforcement of security, operational and compliance policies.

Let VSS assess and improve your IT environment with tailored, proactive threat analysis and vulnerability management on your networks and hosts.

You can expect customized assessments and recommendations based on your business goals for proactive monitoring, containment and forensic analysis of any system endpoint failures.


Don’t be the next data breach headline


“Security breaches become a trust issue between a business and their customers as the result of corrupt hackers or inadvertent human error. Regardless of the source or intent, these lapses in data security can also create privacy violation liability and bring on regulatory compliance headaches.”

Security breaches become a trust issue between a business and their customers as the result of corrupt hackers or inadvertent human error.

-Dave Corwin, Director, Business Solutions

Let VSS help you protect your most valuable digital assets with a reliable, multi-directional security strategy for monitoring, encrypting and masking sensitive information.

Our team can help keep your name out of headlines. Start here.

Security for Every Layer of Data

VSS provides information security solutions to help organizations minimize data security risk, both internally and externally. Industry-proven data protection software lets us create a solution customized to your unique security requirements and business goals.

Real-time alerting, quarantine and auto-remediation ensure the integrity of your data and regulatory compliance.

Data Encryption & Masking


Continuous monitoring of databases and file inventory, status designation and tracking of sensitive files, give companies a better understanding of their potential risk for data exposure.

Identifying files and levels of ownership enables security protocols to be put in place for activity monitoring, controlling or blocking access, reviewing or revoking entitlements and permissions. Custom reporting and advanced search allow IT to offer transparency into data and file activity for internal and regulatory auditing


Unprecedented data protection is being put in place across databases, fileshares, data warehouses and big data implementations in private, hybrid or public clouds. And still, traditional and advanced security measures may still be outpaced by determined cybercriminals.

Modern data security teams have additional tools in their arsenal: data encryption and data masking across records, archives, fileshares, data warehouses and more. Without possessing the proper encryption or de-masking key, any stolen data is rendered unreadable and useless.