Portfolio Management Services

Customized services simplify maintenance administration by eliminating overwhelming amounts of paperwork and manufacturer contracts.

If you’re pushing paper, who’s innovating?

Customized services simplify maintenance administration by eliminating overwhelming amounts of paperwork and manufacturer contracts.

Optimize your IT Portfolio for Growth.

For busy IT professionals, overseeing hardware and software maintenance is a bit like going to the dentist or doing your taxes: not optional, and not fun.
Our team delivers operational efficiency and simplifies maintenance administration by consolidating multiple manufacturer contracts, implementing internal processes for managing IT portfolios and supporting future growth.

Are you leaving money on the contract negotiation table? Learn how multi-year agreements can redirect valuable IT budget funds.

Flexible Maintenance Agreements

“We work with you to organize, evaluate and identify all inventory that is currently on maintenance and outline future needs.”

Linda Cobb – VSS Sales + Services Operations Manager

Long-standing Industry Relationships allow us to:

Consolidate Contracts and Serve as Your Single Point of Contact

Assume the Burden of Paperwork. Invoicing, and Chasing Down Support

Manage Cost With Flexible Invoicing That Best Matches Your Preferred Payment Terms

Ensure Accuracy and Continuous Coverage With 90 day Expiration Notices

Our role: be the muscle. Your role: explore opportunities to streamline operations. Contact our Maintenance and Portfolio Management team to discuss getting your inventory assessment started.

Inventory Tracking

An Open View of your Entire IT Footprint


VSS’s customized Maintenance Portal gives you transparent access to your entire IT asset inventory with multiple views, simplified data filtering, search options and a built-in issue reporting system.

Contact us to schedule a tour of our Maintenance Portal.

Accuracy Always Counts

The VSS Maintenance Portal tracks all inventory changes and renewal notifications, giving you confidence that your IT assets are current and in compliance.

Hardware & Sofware

Service Contract Number

System Type

Warranty Terms & Expiration

Hardware & Software Management

Service Details

Think of our team as GPS for your company’s
hardware and software roadmap. Clients trust VSS to maintain their IT portfolio agreements and guide asset strategies. 

Manufacturer Relationships

IBM, VMWare, Linux, Lenovo, Cisco, HP, Dell, Microsoft

We are committed to customer advocacy throughout the industry by holding seats on multiple maintenance advisory councils. This allows VSS to promote fair policies and guidelines that will directly impact your investments.

Cost Increase Protection

IT investments experience an average depreciation lifecycle of nearly 14% year over year.

Protect your investments with multi-year agreements, which factor in today’s present value, asset depreciation increases, and scheduled manufacturer maintenance increases.